Our promise to you

Here’s our promise to you:

–   this is going to be an adventure, with a profound impact on your life
–   we’re going to have fun!
–   your guides aspire to quality service to you
–   there will be an opportunity to visit a local tribe or village
–   there will be an opportunity to visit and/or participate in a local development project
–   your guides are likely to mix in some other unexpected activities and choices as we go
–   you will be sharing your experience with other like-minded and inspiring individuals
–   you may well be tested, physically and emotionally
–   you will learn a LOT about yourselves and each other
–   that we are likely to see a huge diversity of wildlife, including flora, fauna, birdlife and other game.

What we do know and What we can’t know.

For more specifics on our next expedtition, click here.

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