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What if…

“The world is still full of challenges. The main thing is you have to look for them, things just don’t happen all by themselves… So seek out adventures, as long as you can find them, as long as you can tackle them with energy and all of your effort, you’ll succeed on them.” Sir Edmund Hillary

Are you seeking a profound, lasting, learning experience that you will remember, value and apply for life?  


This is a message for the right people with the means, authority, availability, need and desire to make a deep personal commitment to themselves, to their peers, and to all that is most dear to them in their world and their life.  You are a leader who is successful, generally happy, and yet there is a part of you still itching to lead yourself to a new level of accomplishment and fulfilment.

What if you could achieve more in 9 months than in the previous 9 years and start it all with a unique 9-day adventure into the wild?


This is your call to join a 9-month life-changing and inspiring leadership development programme, experienced through a journey of liberating adventure, profound self-exploration and committed self-improvement.

This is an unusual opportunity for you to walk your journey consciously and for real.  Experience a unique combination of personal growth, leadership development and adventure education.  Learn from yourself and the person next to you.  Collaborate with other leaders to inspire, expand, enable and energise you and your dreams and realise your unfulfilled potential.

How much can you really live, learn and achieve in 9 months with the right challenge and support?  Is this your time to write the next chapters in your story?  What story would you tell?  Is now the moment for you to take that first step forward into the unknown and mystery of a Grand Adventure?

Broaden your horizons, refresh your perspectives

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