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“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” ~ T. S. Eliot

A team of enthusiasts & experts… come and join us!

Group Leader

An explorer, educator, storyteller and guide, Richard Bellars loves his “work” as an international Leadership Facilitator, Coach & Mentor.

Richard is always looking to fill his life with “Rich” experiences and loves nothing more than to share them with like minds and hearts of fellow enthusiasts.  He brings an overflow of passion, purpose and perspective to This Grand Adventure.

“The most worthwhile investment anyone can make is in themselves,” enthuses Richard. 

Richard knows from first-hand experience that our driven busy lives can sometimes lead to a “stuck in a rut” lifestyle, where we can miss our greatest opportunities. 

“Throughout my life, whenever I’ve created the space and taken time to review and reconnect with who I am, it’s always paid dividends – including the kind that don’t carry a price tag.  The remoteness and diversity, peace and challenge of nature offer perfect environments to reconnect with who we truly are and to acknowledge our untapped potential.” 

“Richard is one of the most quietly inspiring people I have ever worked with.  His quiet strength allows you to feel that you have a major contribution to make to any venture you are involved with. His gentle but firm guidance allows people to reach good decisions in the midst of challenging times.  Richard’s leadership skills are well honed on different stages which demonstrates his flexibility and ability to change whilst maintaining an inner core of values that serves him well as a human being as well as a great leader.” – Dr Dawn Hillier, Ambassador for Wellness & for Diversity in Public Appointments, Accomplishing Wellness

A former Change Management Consultant, Richard left UK to travel and “breathe” and then help set up a boutique travel business in Cape Town.  When he eventually moved on from Cape Town (temporarily, he will tell you!) to focus on International Leadership Development, he made a promise to himself to return, bringing with him groups of individuals who would find the space and beauty of the landscape the perfect place to explore their self development and refocus and re-energise their lives.  At the end of 2010, in conversations with fellow adventurer and co-founder of the ‘Grand Adventure’ concept, Andy Ferguson,  all these promises have since crystallised into what you can now be a part of today in ways that work for you.

“Rich is totally in his flow when learning about others dreams and aspirations, understanding their motivations and helping them set goals. He connects people effortlessly and does so with an openness, warmth and sincerity that is uncommonly unique to him being truly himself.” – Dave Harker, Client Services Director, Retail Insight


We run our programmes with two facilitator-coaches.  There are a number of benefits to this approach including deeper listening and observation, watching out for each other’s blind spots, and ‘live’ supervision from one facilitator to another to ensure we practise what we preach. Overall, it’s about raising the accountability and quality of your experience.  It’s also more fun! 

Expert Guides

This Grand Adventure could only really fulfil its true potential and deliver a life changing experience with the ‘hands on’ inclusion of expert guides on the ground.  We ensure we collaborate with the experienced and the wise.  Rugged and remote landscapes need an expert’s eye to be fully appreciated as the perfect canvas to explore and describe our experiences.  Always with a balance of adventure and safety in mind, our guides allows us to open up the real Africa, to tell her ancient story, to open our minds to her heritage and natural beauty.

Let’s be clear: this is an expedition, an adventure – a ‘Grand Adventure’ – and to fulfil its potential it needs a team at its core who are uniquely qualified to know the African landscape and the human landscape and know how to get the best out of both.  You can become a member of the team too, not just as a customer, not just on a holiday – this is the opportunity to join us on what could be the ‘adventure of a lifetime’.

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